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Inhji Y. 480fe7cd66 chore: update deps 1 year ago
apps chore: fix credo warnings 1 year ago
config chore: release version v0.41.0 1 year ago
media Upload files to 'media' 1 year ago
.env.example feat: use proper session cache :))) 1 year ago
.formatter.exs init 1 year ago
.gitconfig chore: add git_ops 1 year ago
.gitignore feat: use proper session cache :))) 1 year ago
.iex.exs feat: add iex.exs 1 year ago chore: release version v0.43.0 1 year ago docs: update commit prefixes 1 year ago perf: run npm run deply with node env production 1 year ago fix: remove downtime in deploy script 1 year ago
mix.exs fix: add listens to started apps 1 year ago
mix.lock chore: update deps 1 year ago
tomie.service fix: incorrect App name in systemd service 1 year ago



Write your commit messages according to Conventional Commits, use prefixes like:

  • build
  • chore
  • ci
  • docs
  • feat
  • fix
  • improvement
  • perf
  • refactor
  • style
  • test

To deploy a release, use mix git_opts.release, then run


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