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defmodule TomieWeb.AlbumLive.Merge do
use TomieWeb, :live
def render(assigns), do: TomieWeb.AlbumView.render("merge.html", assigns)
def mount(%{"id" => id}, _session, socket) do
album = Listens.Albums.get_album!(id)
image = Listens.Albums.get_album_image(album, :large)
albums =
|> Listens.Artists.get_artist!()
|> Map.get(:albums)
|> Enum.filter(fn a -> != end)
|> assign(
albums: albums,
old_album: album,
old_image: image,
new_album: nil,
new_image: nil,
page_title: "Merge #{}"
def handle_event("change_album", %{"album" => album_id}, socket) do
album = Listens.Albums.get_album!(album_id)
image = Listens.Albums.get_album_image(album, :large)
{:noreply, assign(socket, new_album: album, new_image: image)}
def handle_event("do_merge", _value, socket) do
old_album_id =
new_album_id =
case Listens.Merge.merge_album(old_album_id, new_album_id) do
{:ok, _result} ->
push_redirect(socket, to: Routes.live_path(socket, TomieWeb.AlbumLive.Show, new_album_id))}
_ ->
{:noreply, socket}