24 Commits (e63051c7a6d8128a7c62ade3799a11afb627fcdc)

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  Inhji Y. 1bf6b83e74 chore: release version v0.41.0 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. 3c4348ad6c chore: release version v0.31.1 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. e5174a3e9c feat: add initial notes application 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. c73a7de2fd feat: add silly listen chart 12 months ago
  Inhji Y. ed2624f5ec feat(listens): listenbrainz worker 12 months ago
  Inhji Y. e983cfb33c feat(listens): create tables, switch to waffle for uploading 12 months ago
  Inhji Y. 1bcab21037 feat: update to phoenix 1.5 12 months ago
  Inhji Y. e70702627e feat: replace que with oban :) 12 months ago
  Inhji Y. 231cb1f215 feat: add telemetry and live_dashboard :)) 12 months ago
  Inhji Y. 756045bcd5 feat: update to Phoenix 1.5 RC0 :)) 12 months ago
  Inhji Y. daa2575943 chore: add git_ops 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 2adb9daf18 MONSTER: switch to live view for bookmarks 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. b74a1db2e3 add date to tags, improve tags styles BY A LOT 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 8ccb743d3e active links in navbar 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. cc5eac8840 Autotagging in worker \o/ 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. dd346f4e83 add awesomeplete 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 3dd5dff9f4 add exdoc 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 6b1dfeab32 add excoveralls and credo 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 686a683feb use fixed version of open_graph 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 0d6938f9d2 scrape bookmark source for title on creation 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. bd42faced9 add get_title/1 and get_html/1 to scraper 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 7cce434dab initial tag functions 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. fe95bdc799 init 1 year ago