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  Inhji Y. e640a00014 chore: release version v0.76.1 22 hours ago
  Inhji Y. 05bb3d3df4 fix: also add nonce in admin layout 22 hours ago
  Inhji Y. 01da852c5a chore: release version v0.76.0 22 hours ago
  Inhji Y. e43e0d42a8 feat: add meta tag for csp nonce 22 hours ago
  Inhji Y. 94b5641f02 chore: yet another one 1 day ago
  Inhji Y. 5a7595e922 chore: another one 1 day ago
  Inhji Y. a285432c63 chore: test commit to test gitea after migration to postgres 1 day ago
  Inhji Y. 6edd1d561c chore: release version v0.75.3 2 days ago
  Inhji Y. 414db55e01 fix: rename template dir, view 2 days ago
  Inhji Y. b3c638aea3 Update 'apps/tomie_web/lib/tomie_web/templates/layout/home.html.eex' 3 days ago
  Inhji Y. e7f92df843 Update 'README.md' 3 days ago
  Inhji Y. 697a46203c Add 'DEVELOPMENT.md' 3 days ago
  Inhji Y. dea78b75f0 Update 'README.md' 3 days ago
  Inhji Y. ac56a9f98d Update 'README.md' 3 days ago
  Inhji Y. 13f480b39e Upload files to 'media' 3 days ago
  Inhji Y. d5c6f38d3b chore: release version v0.75.2 3 days ago
  Inhji Y. 1845c50e04 tweak: add font-display 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. fa13d9e565 chore: update deps 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. a3b1b9f97e tweak: improve nginx config 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. e819c746f3 fix: add spacer for second row 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. ea8b89bd21 chore: release version v0.75.1 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. f8f678187d fix: add avatar alt tag 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. 2071726395 fix: remove inspect calls 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. b79922950b ref: rename blogcontroller to postcontroller 4 days ago
  Inhji Y. 2e3fdc8b2b chore: release version v0.75.0 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 7acdad1f3e tweak: styles 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 038717b811 feat: add menu 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. e5fa74f2b4 chore: mix format 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. ae3e114551 feat: delete posts 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. cfd7900f60 chore: release version v0.74.0 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 94c8d89852 feat: self-host fonts 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 71449ccb62 fix: order posts by date desc 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 400676af0c chore: release version v0.73.2 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. d682a48a78 fix: whitelist trix classes 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 69c5125c06 chore: update postcss-nested 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. e432099d72 chore: update ecto_sql 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 9f39a34eca fix: improve deploy script to actually restart service after deploy 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 9db1d2ae04 chore: release version v0.73.1 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 4c0585aac9 fix: separate homepage styles from general styles 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 946df1515d chore: release version v0.73.0 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 8a75bb8836 ref: refactor homepage styles 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. e7aad72e4c ref: load notes and articles separately 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 18b99e3e98 chore: fix warning 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 6a2b001b00 feat: add link to public page from admin 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 7084324d81 chore: hide unused vars 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 42c8d29d6d chore: release version v0.72.0 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 170c4995ca feat: show posts on homepage 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. dc56ad9b7f feat: customize trix editor 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 920713aeae fix: filter bookmarks by type 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 0006da6073 feat: first version of blog posts and notes 6 days ago