Micropub is an Obsidian plugin to publish notes directly to your own site with Micropub, written in TypeScript
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Micropub is a community maintained plugin for Obsidian to publish notes your own site with Micropub.



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This plugin is considered alpha software. Even though the publish workflow lets you publish notes, there are a lot of things that are not implemented, most notably:

  • Proper RelMeAuth Flow, for now you need to generate a static token that is validated by the Micropub endpoint and save that token in the settings of the plugin.
  • Updating posts, once you have published at note, it is not possible to publish it again, making use of the Micropub update action.
  • Writing back tags, publish date, etc. to the frontmatter, as this requires a q=source call to the micropub endpoint which is missing at the moment.
  • More configuration options, for setting the names of targeted frontmatter fields, or for toggling on and of optional features like fetching tags, etc.

Micropub Details

This plugin makes use of a few micropub features, including a few non-standard extensions


This plugin will be available via Community Plugins soon.



From the preferences window it is possible to log in using Micropub.

Once logged in, the plugin allows to set default values for tags, post visibility, and default blog (in case the user has more than one hosted blog). These default values will be used when posting to your site.


Micropub is triggered using Obsidian's command palette.


Before publishing, it's possible to edit the title, override default values, and/or select a different blog to post to.

After publishing, a confirmation window with the post links is presented.

Building from source

Clone this repository inside the Obsidian Vault:

$ cd .obsidian/plugins/
$ git clone https://git.inhji.de/inhji/obsidian-micropub

Resolve the plugin dependencies and build it:

$ cd obsidian-micropub
$ npm i
$ npm run build

Restart Obsidian and enable the plugin from Community Plugins in Preferences.


  1. Fork this repository and follow the steps from the previous section using the forked repository instead
  2. Create a feature branch for the changes
  3. Commit the changes and push them to the forked repository
  4. Submit a pull request


This project is neither affiliated with Obsidian. This is a community maintained plugin.