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<header class="hero">
<h1>Show Note link</h1>
<%= if @live_action in [:edit] do %>
<%= live_modal @socket, MirageWeb.NoteLinkLive.FormComponent,
title: @page_title,
action: @live_action,
note_link: @note_link,
return_to: Routes.note_link_show_path(@socket, :show, @note_link) %>
<% end %>
<%= @note_link.title %>
<%= @note_link.url %>
<div class="buttons">
<%= live_patch "Edit", to: Routes.note_link_show_path(@socket, :edit, @note_link), class: "button", class: "button" %>
<%= live_redirect "Back", to: Routes.note_link_index_path(@socket, :index), class: "button" %>
<%= link "Delete", to: "#", phx_click: "delete", phx_value_id:, data: [confirm: "Are you sure?"], class: "button" %>