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defmodule MirageWeb.InboxLive.ItemComponent do
use MirageWeb, :live_component
def render(assigns) do
<%= live_patch to: Routes.note_show_path(MirageWeb.Endpoint, :show, @note), class: "card" do %>
<i class="bi <%= type_icon(@type) %>"></i>
<strong><%= @note.title %></strong>
<p><%= @note.content |> String.slice(0..50) %>..</p>
<p class="tags">
<span class="tag">Views: <%= @note.views %></span>
<%= for topic <- @note.topics do %>
<span class="tag"><%= topic.text %></span>
<% end %>
<% end %>
defp type_icon(:at), do: "bi-dice-4"
defp type_icon(:today), do: "bi-calendar-date"
defp type_icon(:untagged), do: "bi-tag"
defp type_icon(:unlinked), do: "bi-link-45deg"
defp type_icon(_), do: ""