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# This file is responsible for configuring your application
# and its dependencies with the aid of the Mix.Config module.
# This configuration file is loaded before any dependency and
# is restricted to this project.
# General application configuration
use Mix.Config
config :mirage,
ecto_repos: [Mirage.Repo]
# Configures the endpoint
config :mirage, MirageWeb.Endpoint,
url: [host: "localhost"],
secret_key_base: "7ifDRHQ+9l6yl+A4Pyy2nzqLXnEhR1Ahy7mkAAix+EtLsdyoa2bTUtgSnNob5i4Q",
render_errors: [view: MirageWeb.ErrorView, accepts: ~w(html json), layout: false],
pubsub_server: Mirage.PubSub,
live_view: [signing_salt: "OD4qQ2jg"]
# Configures Elixir's Logger
config :logger, :console,
format: "$time $metadata[$level] $message\n",
metadata: [:request_id]
# Use Jason for JSON parsing in Phoenix
config :phoenix, :json_library, Jason
# Import environment specific config. This must remain at the bottom
# of this file so it overrides the configuration defined above.
import_config "#{Mix.env()}.exs"