663 Commits (main)

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  Inhji Y. 03ef06a826 chore: release version v0.114.0 56 minutes ago
  Inhji Y. 3178266ae6 chore: update deps 57 minutes ago
  Inhji Y. c89670ff4e fix: make modals float again MAFA 58 minutes ago
  Inhji Y. d521f47e4c fix: proper selection colors 58 minutes ago
  Inhji Y. f6013e91b6 feat: group blog posts by month 1 hour ago
  Inhji Y. 9f5dcb7ef0 fix: parse dates from mf2 posts in ISO:Extended:Z format 2 hours ago
  Inhji Y. a279b746a0 chore: release version v0.113.0 12 hours ago
  Inhji Y. 5d9e3f6856 feat: add search input component 12 hours ago
  Inhji Y. 525dd41af3 feat: notes and inbox 2 columns 12 hours ago
  Inhji Y. f600955e7f feat: add flex helper class 12 hours ago
  Inhji Y. e62fb55e39 chore: release version v0.112.1 14 hours ago
  Inhji Y. eb5d4ebe8b fix: format datetime attr on blog as iso format 14 hours ago
  Inhji Y. aba0b939b0 fix: remove dependency on glob module 14 hours ago
  Inhji Y. 0b99796ee1 chore: update deps 15 hours ago
  Inhji Y. ff6d9b3c5f chore: release version v0.112.0 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 5790086537 feat: generate rss feed from mf2 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. db3d40845d chore: release version v0.111.0 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 0e07f60240 feat: almost dark editor 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 63b6c68d7c fix: editor crashing when title is updated in link form 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. a7d75724e7 chore: release version v0.110.0 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 889bcda08b fix: tabs tabs tabs 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 7c6af5c72b feat: make links black/white 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. 9e831d7bd6 feat: update favicon 5 days ago
  Inhji Y. ef5131b5a6 chore: release version v0.109.2 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 105e0381a5 fix: better contrast for blog titles 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 07b9847705 chore: release version v0.109.1 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. a695f5ca2c fix: log in to login lol 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. a31d8cf0ca chore: release version v0.109.0 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 90bc8fd180 feat: mobile friendly navbar 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. f5a96c22f3 chore: release version v0.108.1 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. e54672c4fa fix: meta title tweak 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 740b613888 chore: release version v0.108.0 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 22a87120e4 feat: improve syntax hightlight for dark theme 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 8a435654dc chore: release version v0.107.0 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 65604ad722 feat: new favicon 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 1b144f7f69 fix: missing postcss plugins 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. f88668b97e chore: release version v0.106.1 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. d09c59c16f fix: tagify styles 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 30cb73db67 fix: remove postcss-preset-env 6 days ago
  Inhji Y. 87ba916248 chore: release version v0.106.0 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. 724a274089 chore: update deps 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. c99e0c5884 feat: add wiki page 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. cdc96f3b53 chore: release version v0.105.0 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. 03ca3e81c5 feat: add dark styles for tags 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. c5fb0eace4 feat: add list link to note 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. 6ec51f6b89 chore: release version v0.104.0 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. dd1e306600 chore: update deps 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. ced532dce4 feat: rework color scheme, add a few new colors, override some okcss colors 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. 7159228286 fix: apply ok button styles to file upload buttons 1 week ago
  Inhji Y. b87aca8cd6 fix: make home page an article to apply image styles 1 week ago