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  Inhji Y. b4e6152bdf add elixir to doom config 6 months ago
  Inhji Y. 519bc76ae9 clean up custom and add hugo export and org stuff 8 months ago
  Inhji Y. 6c7506f9a4 use treemacs 8 months ago
  Inhji Y. 2129dab875 add doom config 9 months ago
  Inhji Y. ad7b220594 add emacs bin to path 9 months ago
  Inhji Y. 9303382798 add emacs alias 9 months ago
  Inhji Y. 12478b167e add ssh alias hal 9 months ago
  Inhji Y. 3b130b32f9 add ssh alias glados 10 months ago
  Inhji Y. 86327aa30d update deps 10 months ago
  Inhji Y. 93f1e961c9 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.inhji.de/inhji/dotfiles 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. 8b13299e5b clean up, add asdf submodule 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. 02ed370f0a feat: add rel alias for git_ops.release 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. fd920c28f5 chore: update z 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. dbabdc1f23 chore: update pure 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. 6a8f58063c feat: add beets config 11 months ago
  Inhji Y. c5875e623c load pyenv when it exists 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. cef5c729a4 changes 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 5f6f6a4230 „POSTINSTALL.md“ ändern 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 5732a2b16c update submodules 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. bf24be08a4 add inhji alias, change tunnel port 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 5536087c57 add flatpak config 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 19e62b6347 add pyenv config 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 328e2c6ae8 remove atom files 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. 0fd8b68141 update readme 1 year ago
  Inhji Y. da17c44130 Update 'README.md' 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. fad234bab1 Add 'POSTINSTALL.md' 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. efdb37b915 add beets config 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. f44cd0a915 update README 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 027166b3cb load linuxbrew if exists, remove installing zsh 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 77c76a2605 add more aliases, add dircolors 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 0d0a8bec04 update tunnel alias 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 779ef149e6 update readme 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. e180ecea41 readd submodules 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. c36882a6ab ijioj 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 1c4b130506 Revert "clean" 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. d6d487f2b6 clean 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 87d6926714 create directories before linking 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 8105706db0 create zfunctions on install 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 89191af9fa load z 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 0f9a317563 add z and pure theme 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 71356f1dc6 remove nvm, oh-my-zsh 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 10caf6b168 change elixir template snippet 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. b054163475 add nvm 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 58f276613f add elixir snippets/alias, configure ssh heartbeat, add inotify-tools 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 45345054da source cargo env if installed 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. f30486c342 add atom config 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. dab5b9bc8a add git status alias 2 years ago
  Inhji Y. 24028a036e init my dotfiles! 2 years ago
  Anish Athalye 2c96f3d305 Update Dotbot version 2 years ago
  Anish Athalye f8d10d5f5a Update Dotbot version 3 years ago