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Managed with Dotbot

How to install

# Ubuntu/Debian
sudo apt install fish git curl

# Arch Linux
pacman -S fish git curl

# Do the dance
git clone https://git.inhji.de/inhji/dotfiles.git .dotfiles

# Base install, rn installs only fish
# If installing on MNT Reform
~/.dotfiles/install -c install-reform.conf.yaml

# Switch shells
chsh -s /usr/bin/fish

Install fisher

# Temporarily load fisher and then install all plugins in fish_plugins
curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jorgebucaran/fisher/main/functions/fisher.fish | source && fisher update


Set the Terminal Font in elementaryOS:

gsettings set io.elementary.terminal.settings font 'FiraMono Nerd Font 10'

In general, you should be using symbolic links for everything, and using git submodules whenever possible.

To keep submodules at their proper versions, you could include something like git submodule update --init --recursive in your install.conf.yaml.

To upgrade your submodules to their latest versions, you could periodically run git submodule update --init --remote.