A last.fm clone written in Elixir
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<% size = assigns[:size] || 64 %>
<article class="media is-dense">
<figure class="media-left">
<a class="image <%= image_class(size) %>" href="<%= Routes.album_path(@conn, :show, @listen.album) %>">
<img src="<%= Dagon.Listens.Albums.Uploader.url({@listen.album.image, @listen.album}, :thumb) %>">
<div class="media-content">
<div class="content">
<strong><%= link @listen.track.name, to: Routes.track_path(@conn, :show, @listen.track), class: "has-text-dark" %></strong> <small>
<%= link Timex.from_now(@listen.listened_at), to: Routes.listen_path(@conn, :show, @listen), class: "has-text-grey", title: @listen.listened_at %>
<br />
<span>by <%= link @listen.artist.name, to: Routes.artist_path(@conn, :show, @listen.artist), class: "has-text-dark" %></span>