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Inhji Y. 2effca7108 fix that fucking annoying bug in bulma??? 2 months ago
.deliver remove git revision in version 6 months ago
assets fix that fucking annoying bug in bulma??? 2 months ago
config refactor indie module, put settings in config 4 months ago
docs send webmentions for bookmarks 3 months ago
lib remove vue, simplify js, remove last trace of admin.js 2 months ago
priv add username to indie_authors 2 months ago
rel update rel/config to work with new distillery 9 months ago
test add get_content test 4 months ago
.formatter.exs init 1 year ago
.gitignore first pass of deploy script 2 months ago
.iex.exs remove channel tables, clean up admin dashboard 4 months ago move docs 4 months ago
akedia.conf update akedia.conf to proxy websocket connections 6 months ago
akedia.jpg add logo 7 months ago
akedia.service update systemd service 7 months ago
deploy.exs wip deploy script 2 months ago
mix.exs version 0.76.8 2 months ago
mix.lock Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/dependabot/hex/ecto_sql-3.3.3' 2 months ago

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„Der Dämon der Trägheit, der auch Mittagsdämon genannt wird, ist belastender als alle anderen Dämonen.“


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