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akedia logo

„Der Dämon der Trägheit, der auch Mittagsdämon genannt wird, ist belastender als alle anderen Dämonen.“


Akedia is the result of a simple idea: A place for my digital self. A (micro-)blog, a knowledgebase, a place for experiments. A project that doesn't get scrapped after a few months.

It took me at least five years to get it where it is now.

During that time, I went through a series of attempts in various programming languages and emotions regarding the project. I abandoned it more than once, telling myself it couldn't be done, discovered the IndieWeb, Elixir/Phoenix and Mastodon and many more exiting projects.

I'm proud of what I've achieved with this project. At the same time I know there will always be something to tweak, tinker with or fix. Which is what keeps me going I guess.


  • All posts are marked up with Microformats2
  • Statuses, Bookmarks, Likes and Replies can be posted
  • Tags, Full-Text Search
  • Webmention and Micropub support
  • 2FactorAuth (U2F + TOTP Fallback)
  • WIP ActivityPub support
  • support for interacting with Github repos/issues


Avatar by Domenico Fetti, CC BY-SA 4.0